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ComFind-you are listed
Computer Graphics and Imaging Services BRIAN SKOWRON 619-274-2942 865 GRAND AVE. #8 * SAN DIEGO, CA 92109 [Map] [Keywords: Macintosh 3d 3d design graphics Strata MetaCreations Adobe ] REF# 101491538 (You need this to edit your listing)
THE MONSTER BOARD-serious job search/résumé

Zen Fatalism --some ISKCON links

the BEST***** sites!!!!! not good, not so-soŠŠ

Bert Huntsinger: 3D Artist
Paintings of Rene Magritte
Fractal Design Painter Techniques
Fractal Design Online
R.Aeberhard-a European
John W. Sledd's Page of Illustration and Other Fine Things
Portfolio Main-sckull's co.;nd.QT
something may happen-very prof.,trnd.,advert.,vector
Dennis Schřler Pedersen-prof.PS/IL/D,SSP,FD,etc.
a Jpns. site-PS/IL,FD,RD,SV3d
3D Gallery-RD, SV3d
Ian McNamara's Homepage
Aubrey's Homeland
Aubrey's Gallery: 3D-JOIN 3D RINGŠŠsee links
Site Map for SoHo 4912
PURPLE ALIEN - Mirrors Of Choice
Computer Art Gallery-ass't. prof, Comp.Art, OH.
good work, lousy résumé
that medieval 3d stuff!

digital art

Creation Engine The Gallery
S. Marquez Pxl.Pntngs.&ttrls.-yr.tree is inŠ
PixArt --surf/post
Backgrounds by Ozone
Doug's Digital Domain


Tripod --11mb, can you get in?
Yr. berto2. Yr. berto2 previous Member name: CompExpo Password: uicidc
interactive h.s. physics
simulations will teach the concepts effectively
Cops Online
also-AOL's Public Safety Forum (keyword:POLICE)
Lparser --plants, etc. Mac ok
dream symbols
Project Cool: Anyone can build a great website!
Digital Forte-maybe someone answered yr. threads
invited softw. users to correspondŠŠ
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