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FREELOTTO - Confirm Your Identity


online Bg., nonviol. links, other spiritual links / World Internet Animation Competition --see at home
animate or specialize in animation project?


The Firm List --surf/apply --see profile mgr. to do more
ITCareerSearch.Com - Job Search Account Home Page Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
artHire Home --exposure
WESTAT Home Page --done
STO log-in (Campaigners job)
done-- see "www-site staging" for their pace
Internet Analyst Positions --done

*free ad, use Excite ad template
$2/addr. Clara said do it
Your Membership Number is [ 1866252 ]
bit by bit all digital --will advise, 3-4 best jpegs
Clara born 2:10pm-- Free Astrological Report
Media Arts Plaza - Plan Exhibition | Adding insight to injury
Flicker Light Studio (Digital art by Repasky)
vapa - visual and performing arts community
Lives, the Biography Resource
Welcome to Great LinksWorld
Masters Track & Field Home Page
Story of Peace Pagoda
Bruderhof Communities Homepage

yr. business www-site - banners

Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-Based Email
LinkExchange -849 hits since 10/96;w/banner?
wpts - bad examples of www design
Welcome: SDCCD New Media Center
GeoGuide Banner Exchange
many banner links

contracts and prices

Graphic Artists Guild


Background Test for Walnut.gif
Andy's CyberHome - JavaScript: Fade Effects

1998 Hacks
75% have 800x600 or larger monitor;16bit! Associates Program
Recommend specific titles, link to's homepage, or just add an search box to your site Bhagavad-gita As It IsŠŠData SmogŠŠThe Artist's Way Einstein's DreamsŠŠPainting With LightŠŠ
ArtZoneUSA - - dead

Reader & CopmutorEdge free ads

ComputorEdge --free online ads
Reader ads-bef. 1300 Mon. for Wed.


krsnabertclari's Home Page
krsnacabletv 's Home Page
Yahoo! GeoCities - File Manager

rainforest fact links....

Some Things You Should Know About the Rainforests
Rainforest Facts
Information about the rain forest.
Why Save the Rainforest?
Internet Clocks, Counters, and Countdowns****get rainforest!

Fr. Martin's Art Bell show


693 search engines/country
Infoseek's Usenet Discussion Service
SD Public Library
Power Reporting Resources for Journalists
MetaCrawlerŠtry links to <- and ->
try links to the left and right of the search engine info
Inference Find - superior search engine?
12 randomly selected real-time searches (Magellan)
(Autologin) The Informant search engine
free service that runs reg. checks of var. search engines for yr. keywords, then sends you an email when it finds someth.

lab surf

MacFixIt (Home Page)
Ultimate 3D Links, 3D Objects, Information, Plug-Ins, 3D Meshes, Modeling and Rendering Resource
Re:mote Induction
VuVu's Flowers-a digital art.mlng.lstr.
Chemical Comics
The VRML Repository (SDSC)
3d Artists
gallery, links, interviews, jobs, tutorials
3d Links
3d Review
Surplus Auction - Auction - Lots List By Graphics
CNET The Awesomely Useful Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products

folklore/A. Gontang, Phd.

Improper Stretching
Pump Up Body
Give Me Oxygen
Mindful Running


Okinawa: The American Years, 1945-1972
Campaign for Okinawa Fact Sheet

Search Secrets Of The Tipmaster: Macintosh Search Tips The First Worldwide 3D Search Engine using 11 Different Languages
ffwd ::Zero Content
Dynamic Graphics Inc
The Internet Design & Publishing Center
The simplest way to keep your Mac healthy
homepage of John L Groff

The Arts and Healing Network

art & misc. -order

UCSD Visual Arts | General Information
for ICAM: there is more music avail. than you thought you need to take two calculus courses you need pre-Java programming exp. you will be programming for art and studying film. etc., i.e. cultural trends outside of the software avail.

drawing links

Mark Harden's Artchive
FAMSF-Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Art on the Web: Other Art Links from Boston College
OCAIW: Orazio Centaro's Art Images on the Web - Index
WebMuseum: Famous Paintings exhibition
The Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery
the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
Bodleian Library WWW Server - Towards an Image Catalogue
Drawing and Sketching - Definitive Collection of Net Links

Nathaniel Clark, Artist
A collection of digital art, watercolor painting, wood and glass art, design and desktop patterns by Melinda Fawver
Death / Tod


PatchDance Home Page-better than Presenter3d
OXYMORONS - titles for cgis?
D. Rourke (Painter/Poser/Bryce)
Stephen Baker's Home Page
Vision Quest Studio: Digital and Traditional Fine Art and Illustration - The Web's #1 Resource for 3d CGI Enthusiasts!
Gaga's Home Page
MetaCreations | Beyond the Canvas 1997 Winners
The Internet Ray Tracing Competition
Ray Dream Image Web Ring Home Page
Contours Home Page
Justin's Island of 3D Graphics
bkmks.****(a CG artist)
SF scene in Strata
a RDD 4.1.3 site
RDD 4.1.3 site
RD list says this is the best

Bryce 2

Bryce Forum Message Board

detailed alphabetical sitemap (Buddhist art)
Why create art? by Rick Doble. A discussion of a life long artistic passion.
Graphics Sites on the Net
FoleyMedia Don Foley Anim./Illustr. --email him
dump yr. data smog
fink on pornographic, illegal, spam, etc.
links->1.Islam, 2.Geick update site
O.vertly D.isaffected
Nisus Writer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Experian, free credit reportŠ
Sacred Places: Mts. and the Sacred - - myth, symbols
The Witching Hours: Medieval Through Enlightenment Period European Witch History
The Physics of Gentle Action
-art lesson-Perspective-you have 30 sec.
Art Gallery

The Internet Design & Publishing Center
Using the FlexFoot P.S.D. properly
Snail Mail Pen Pals
e.g. hacked sites
Money for Mail --time for this?

re Clarita

ParenthoodWeb -- Parenting, Pregnancy, Family, Childcare, Breastfeeding and Infant / Baby resources. The award-winning parenting, pregnancy and family community for parents and prospective parents.
SOI Systems | About SOI
APARTMENTnet - Apartment Rental Guide
Online Learning Center
California Central Service Association
Fernando's Site
Welcome to the Whirled Bank
Clara's Excite Channel
Hola desde San Diego, California, USA
FlamingoWorld Discount Shopping and Coupons!

re Health

National Eating Disorders Screening Program
An Introduction to Skin Cancer

re ESL

ESL Help Center Message Index
Dave's ESL Cafe

The Hungry Hiker's Guide to Tijuana Dining

re gradeschool-level English sites

Exploring English - Knowledge Explorer Centre
Welcome to Big Dog's Grammar
Grammar Rock

Joe Rindone Regional Technology Center

Joe Rindone Regional Technology Center
call 569-5374 for infoŠŠ
Welcome to Top Dog Studios!

Macromedia Flash sites (home)

Welcome to Gabocorp X _________________________________________________________________________________
EYE4U active media - modular websynth
EYE4U active media web design (Shockwave Flash)

see w/QT enabled

Aaron Begley's Home Page
Painter QT site
drum links
see this w/QT

parrots; drum links

Amazon Parrots - Life in the Wild
drum links

psych. Support Links
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site


Every Celtic Thing on the Web
Celtic Art and Illumination
Celtic Harts Society


Father Malachi Martin's Home Page
Exorcism and Holy Water
The Roman Rite of Exorcism

tech problems

Norton Utilities for Macintosh v3.5 and HFS+
NUM 3.5.1 will DESTROY HFS+ volumes! NUM 3.5.2 is the safe diagnostic, but will not repair - Mac OS 8 Incompatibility List
Fixed Frequency Monitors and Mirage Video Cards
Accelerate Your Mac!
Preventing Problems (The Macintosh Bible) Ch. 7 - Part 2
Mac Virus: Home Page (AutoStart news)

AI/HP:re-submit thisŠ

Engaged: Conference: Illustrator_Mac
you are Brian865 or Brian44
Low End Mac - AI+HP=??
sw author (ZMac's BS II, one for serial port diagnoses)
Serial of ChampionsŠ"monitor the performance of your serial communications as well as acting as a serial data line monitor letting you see what dataŠ"ŠŠgood for the AI/HP prob.?

Digital Paint-app forums

links for AI+hp at bottom
yr. AI+HP question

MacLinkPlus problem

DataViz Tech Web - Rebuilding the Desktop (Part 3)
Local MacLinkPlus Tech Support Page
DataViz Tech Web - Rebuilding the Desktop (Part 1)
DataViz Tech Web - Rebuilding the Desktop (Part 2)
DataViz Tech Web - MLP and Mac OS 8


Free Book Give-away! buying info: Einstein's Dreams A Glance: Forbidden Archeology's Impact
Data Smog links - email Shenk
The Complete Design Library
classy design
3D Artist's Bookstore: Texture

online storage

FreeDrive=50mb of storage
Aladdin Systems Free Drive Offer